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Achieve quality education with Globe Med and pursue medicine in the US 


An entrusted platform for students to achieve their future medical goals and aspirations

Graduate Programs in the USA

GlobeMed help match qualified international students to Advanced Graduate Programs in the USA

GlobeMed’s in-country consultant staff can help Indian students find the perfect match to a college or university.  We represent many excellent educational opportunities offering degree programs in Information Technology, Advanced Medical Physics, and Medicine.

Recruitment and Technical Outsourcing

Recruitment Services


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1340 N. Great Neck Rd. #1272-367
Virginia Beach, VA 23454-2268

Contact: +1 (804) 314-9658

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S2, Upper Crest Apartments, Door No 11,

School Street, Koyambedu, Chennai 600107

Contact: +91 9884695858

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