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If you are an Indian Nurse who wants to pursur nursing in the Unites States, then contact us immediately to discuss immediate placement opportunities provided by GlobeMed Resources

Consider Trinity School of Medicine as your gateway to a Practice Medicine in the US and Canada

  • Internationally recognized Accreditation from CAAM-HP

  • Straight-track to US and Canadian Residency Programs

  • 84% USIMG Residency Match Rate

  • Best Value Education and Results

Administrative, Recruitment & 

Technical Outsourcing

GlobeMed's offshore staff offers US companies great value and performance.

GlobeMed’s institution in Chennai has experienced professionals who are working in various fields like Recruitment, IT Development, Business Analysis, Data Entry, and almost any kind of Administrative Outsourcing. We have been supporting the US clients for over 15 years and we offer one of the best values in India.

Our Graduate Programs in the USA

Let GlobeMed help match qualified international students to Advanced Graduate Programs in the USA

GlobeMed’s in-country professaionals can help Indian students find the perfect match to a college or university.  We represent many excellent educational opportunities offering degree programs in Information Technology, Advanced Medical Physics, and Medicine.

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Nursing Opportunities

Education at GlobeMed

Recruitment Services

We have various nursing opportunities in the United states through our recruitment program.

Join Us

GlobeMed aspires to become the preferred and most trusted educational consultant for students looking to pursue higher education outside their home countries.

Our team of recruiters dramatically improves your company’s hiring capability work quality, and significantly reduces the overall cost incurred for the  process.

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