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GlobeMed aspires to become the preferred and most trusted educational consultant for students looking to pursue higher education outside their home countries.

Our goal is to guide students to find solutions suited to their profile, ensuring that the best Career Pathway is selected. We look at their career choices and their background and aspirations and advise them. 

We selectively work with the universities we represent as well as provide assistance to zero down on those universities that would best suit a student’s Personal, Academic and Financial Profile. The advice provided is non-commercial and is not limited to the Universities represented by us.


Colleges and Universities

Out team in India works in combination with training and education consultants in India and the students directly.  We bring our partners feet-on-the-ground in India where we can make a difference by adding a personal touch to a family’s decision.  We assist each student in the application process, collect and validate application documents, and coordinate with independent recruiting organizations.

For more information or to inquire about our services click here to contact our leadership team.

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