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The Essential guide to Choose Medicine in the US Over India

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Studying medicine is a dream to many students but the right guidance, resources and

hard work , when put together would give fruitful results.

Pro's over studying in the US over India:


Medicine is a 5 year program

  • MBBS + MD degree in 5 years

  • United States Medical Licensing exam is mandatory and included during 3 phases of the entire program.

USMLE 1- after the 8th term of the medical course.

USMLE 2-exam before the MD Program

USMLE 3-Licensure Program

  • The hospital pays a huge amount ranging between $4000 to $5000 as an initial salary.

  • Eligibility: physics,chemistry, biology: 70% and a pass score in NEET is also acceptable


  • Medicine is a 8.5 year program( 5.5 years of MBBS+ 3 years of MD)

  • Moreover competitive exam like NEET is a major barrier for pursuing MBBS in INDIA

  • Eligibility: physics,chemistry, biology: 80% Plus & NEET scores are compulsory.

Know why USA is more cost effective compared to INDIA?


  • 1st Year $ 19095 Rs 13,36,650 (1US$=Rs 70)

  • 2nd Year $25048 Rs 17,53,360

  • 3rd Year $25533 Rs 17,87,310

  • 4th Year $47920 Rs 33,54,400

  • 5th Year $15565 Rs 11,59,550

  • Fees quoted is inclusive of Hostel, Insurance, Medical Liability insurance, Books, Exam fees. Does not include food and travel.


The entire 8.5 years will cost roughly of about 3 crores in any private institution with mandatory good scores in NEET.

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