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Outsourcing Services

GlobeMed’s Service center in Chennai, India has experienced staff that are available for Recruitment, IT Development, Business Analysis, Data Entry, and almost any kind of Administrative Outsourcing.  We have been supporting US clients for over 15 years and offer one of the best values in India. Contact US

Why Consider an Outsourcing Solution?       

·         Difficulty in hiring quality talent at a reasonable cost

·         High Turnover due to mundane tasks

·         Government Regulations

·         Skill Shortages

·         Scalability challenges

·         Backlogs and delays in getting work done

·         Fast Turnaround Needs


Why Partner with GlobeMed?

·         Dedicated staff members you get to know

·         Highly educated staff at less than US “minimum wage” cost

·         All inclusive:  Staff, Facilities, Equipment, Network, Project Management

·         Improve Efficiency and Productivity

·         No long-term contracts

·         Fixed monthly pricing

·         Reduce liability associated with hiring in-house staff


The GlobeMed Solution Process:

·         Understand Business Needs and Define Scope of Services

·         Identify and introduce project staff

·         Schedule knowledge Transfer (usually via video sessions)

·         Go Live

·         Provide daily/weekly/monthly reports as required

·         Feedback and Process Improvement reviews ongoing

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