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GlobeMed Immediately Seeking Registered Nurses Interested in U.S. Green Card Visas and U.S. Hospital Placements.

I-140 Green Card Update:  On May 8, 2020 the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act legislation was introduced to the US Senate.  If passed, it will fast-track 25,000 green card visas for Nurses outside of retrogression delays.  We believe this bipartisan legislation has a strong chance for becoming law this year.  When passed, it is expected that the 25,000 visas will be used quickly by nurses around the world who dream of receiving a Green Card and working and living in the U.S. 


GlobeMed and our Partners can sponsor Green Cards.  If you are a Registered Nurse who has passed the NCLEX exam and have current bedside experience, GlobeMed can help you get to the U.S. and placed in a supportive work environment.  It is critical that you act quickly to be in line to obtain one of these visas.  If interested, send your updated resume to or call +91 854 774 7038.

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