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Committed to Your Satisfaction

Ram Kumar

Vice President

Mr Kumar has been responsible for all Indian Operations since inception. He has gained a national reputation for building a top level organization based on honesty and integrity. His firm beliefs that Indian Nurses and Healthcare Professionals should be in charge of their own destiny, is evident by his approaches. Often called a “workaholic”, Mr Kumar travels the country very often to help conduct training camps, seminars, meet with associate service partners, and the millions of other activities needed to be successful.

Anuradha Menon

Recruitment Director

Anuradha is one of India’s leading authorities on international recruitment. Traveling between India and the U.S. on a regular basis, Anuradha responsibility is to identify the best candidates in US and India who match our requirements, and promote GlobeMed’s basic principles of Honesty and Integrity in everyday dealings with those we represent.

Paul Nimitz

Vice President of Operations

Mr. Nimitz is responsible for forging a foundation understanding and trust with each of our Clients.  All activities are focused on creating long-term solutions that provide a competitive edge for the Client and the ability to meet patient care objectives.  He has over thirty years of business development experience with a history of creating workable solutions to complex industry problems, such as what the healthcare industry is experiencing today.   

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